The Good And Bad Of Anabolic Steroids

For some misguided people, a quick, but nonetheless illegal, way to gain strength is to take anabolic steroids.

These drugs are synthetic offshoots of testosterone, the male hormone that helps to mature the male reproductive system during puberty that contributes to body hair growth and deepening of the voice. When you take these steroids, your body breaks them down into molecules that pass into your cells where the molecules bind to frameworks known as androgen receptors. There, they become testosterone, because the receptors are made, in a specific way, to bind with your body’s natural testosterone.

Usually, anabolic steroids are prescribed by doctors to patients who suffer from diseases such as cancer, or even AIDS, as they help them to regain the body mass they may have lost due to their health conditions. They are also used in the treatment of specific hormone deficiencies found in your body.

Be aware, however, that if you are an athlete, their use is banned by most of the major sporting organisations. It is illegal to use them to build muscle and strength to improve your athletic performance, as making use of them without a doctor’s prescription can result in many unpleasant side effects that would surpass finding yourself on drug charges and being called a cheater in your sporting discipline.

Taking too many anabolic steroids can cause you to age faster. The change that would be experienced in your hormone levels can also cause baldness, whether you are male or female. You could also develop cardiovascular problems, begin to suffer from high blood pressure, in addition to heart enlargement, and damage to your liver and kidney. If you are male, your risk of prostate cancer increases.

In addition to the physical possibilities, the effect of anabolic steroids on your brain can lead to unwanted lifestyle changes. You may begin to experience unexplainable mood swings, become irritable quite often, and sink into bouts of depression, on occasions. Males can start to grow breasts, and females to sprout beards.

Recent research has shown that it is not only athletes, or sportsmen and sportswomen, who may be using steroids. Ordinary office and factory workers and, alarmingly, adolescents are now indulging in the illegal practice, hoping to feel, perform, and look better, despite the inherent dangers associated with its use. They ignore the fact that anabolic steroids can halt an adolescent’s growth by closing the growth centres in their bones, causing them to end up shorter than they ought to have been.

People who use anabolic steroids take them orally or have them injected. In the last few years, use has shifted to the latter method, made up of short-lasting, water-soluble fluids. The shift was credited to the fact that the side effects from the oral form were found to be extremely worrisome for users.